What You Should Know About Starting Alterations

When shopping for a wedding gown, it’s important to know that 100% of the time you will need some type of alteration. Whether it’s just a hem or bustle, or a slight fix of the strap, or the full set of taking in the side seams and all of the above. Here are some important things to know when you start your alterations after receiving your gorgeous wedding gown:

  1. We do alterations in house, which is convenient for our brides, but it is not mandatory. On average, we quote brides about $500-$600 for alterations which is all inclusive for the basics such as taking in side seams, straps, cups, hemming, and bustling. In the Seattle area, we run in the lower price point for alterations, so it is important to make room for alterations in your price point for the gown.
  2. When you come in for your first alterations appointment, it is important for you to bring your bridal shoes, as well as any undergarments you might want to wear. This is important so the seamstress can hem and fit accordingly.
  3. Don’t worry about a bra. 95% of the time brides are comfortable not wearing a bra or bustier with their wedding gown, even if they have a larger bust size. The seamstress can fit the dress to feel supportive to you, without needing to worry about low backs or the right fit of bra.
  4. Ask a family member or friend to come. This is helpful especially in the later appointments so the seamstress can show your person how to properly pin up the bustle for your reception. It is always helpful to have a second pair of eyes to help out!