How To Purchase Off- The- Rack

It’s no secret that it can take months and months to order a wedding gown. Plus, with alterations it can tack a couple of months onto the already slow process of purchasing your wedding gown. Especially during COVID this past year, it has been difficult for brides to actually set a wedding date, so there have been many elopments. If you are in crunch time to purchase a wedding gown, we have many samples that you can purchase in store if your wedding is in only a month or two. Here are some important things to know if you need to purchase off-the-rack sample gowns:

  1. The samples are well loved, so they won’t be in perfect condition. Because of this, we can trim threads and fix buttons and so on complimentary for you, so that it looks close to new.
  2. Because of the above reason, the samples will be discounted. The discount varies on the designer and if the gown is in decent condition, or less so.
  3. You can dry clean it. We offer half off for drycleaning for off-the-rack gowns, and have used the same drycleaner for almost two decades. It’s amazing how new the gown looks once it comes back!
  4. It costs the same amount for basic alterations as it does if you order a brand new gown. The seamstress can take a gown in up to 5 or 6 sizes, and no matter how much she takes it in, it will be similar or the same cost if you get alterations done through us.
  5. Overall, purchasing off the rack is more cost effective and less time consuming if you have a lower price point or limited time. But not every sample is elligible to purchase off-the-rack!

Call or email if you have any more questions about purchasing one of our samples!

Photograph is a Pronovias gown, and yes, this beautiful sample is able to be purchased in store!