Advice for Planning your Day of Shopping

Wedding gown shopping should be a wonderful, fun experience with your friends and family. Many brides love to make a day of it, planning several appointments to go to.  This can make the day a ton of fun, but it can also sometimes be overwhelming. Here are some pieces of advice for planning your shopping day:

  1. Try not to make more than three appointments (even three can be stressful) in a day. It seems like a good idea to just book one appointment after the other, but towards the end you can get quite overwhelmed and the dresses might start to blur together.
  2. Plan a food break in between! Eating will help restore your energy to keep shopping for the day, and it will help give you a break to think a bit about the dresses you have already seen and liked, before continuing on.
  3. Try to limit the amount of guests. We understand with Covid, every place has their own rules about amount of guests you can bring, etc. Remember, the more guests you bring, the more opinions you will get. The only opinion that should matter is yours as the bride. But it is fun to be able to share the moment with your closest loved ones.
  4. Try not to overthink. If you love a dress, then you love it! That’s what matters. Try not to over analyze what it will be like in alterations, or functionality the day of, because all of that can be fixed. Focus on the style, and whether or not you can picture yourself in it on your wedding day, and the rest will fall into place.
  5. Most importantly have fun! You are only going to have this experience once, enjoy it and take the whole experience in.