To Veil or Not to Veil? That is the Question.

Veils aren’t for everyone, there are a good amount of brides who would prefer to wear flowers in their hair or a sparkly head piece. To some, veils are the topper to make them truly feel like a bride. Veils are definitely more of the traditional route, but there are ways to wear a veil that is less traditional but still bridal. Traditionally, brides wore blushers over their face, while many still prefer to do this, you can have a veil hang just in the back. A lot of brides ask if there is a specific length of veil that looks good with a specific type of dress, and the answer is no. Veils are such a personal preference, and while it does depend on the detailing (ie beading, lace, etc.) the length doesn’t matter as long as you as the bride love it. If you do a cathedral veil, this is a wonderful way to bring detail down through the skirt, if the skirt is more simple. Shorter veils are definitely more manageable but depending on the details, they tend to create a cut off through the dress.

Whichever way you decide to go, the veil most likely will only be on for the ceremony, and then you would take it off for the reception, so you can dance all night!



Veil pictured: Bel Aire Bridal Style V7388