Mermaid vs. Trumpet vs. Fit ‘n Flare vs. Sheath

Terminology is hard to learn when you are first starting to shop for bridal gowns. You might have a slight idea of what you’re looking for, but most of the time brides start off not knowing the difference between a fitted gown and an A-line. Most brides use the word “mermaid” for any fitted gown, when in reality they actually mean “fit ‘n flare”. Which is not to be confused with “trumpet” or “sheath”, all four styles have an incredibly thin line differentiating each. Mermaid gowns are defined by being incredibly fitted through the booty, and then has a drastic flare out at the bottom typically consisting of a different fabric such as tulle than the bodice. Trumpet is the next fit down from mermaid, and they usually have a tight fit such as a mermaid, but instead of a different fabric at the bottom, they have crinoline underneath the skirt to make it flare out more. Fit ‘n flares don’t have the crinoline or drastic tulle skirt, but they are fitted through the booty and then gradually flare out. Sheath gowns however, are fitted through the booty but then instead of hugging lower, the skirt just falls straight down. Out of all of these styles, fit ‘n flare typically are the most shopped for, because they are a happy medium to all of the others. Not too fitted, not too loose. Whichever way on the fitted spectrum you tend to go towards, there are so many options of each to help you find your perfect wedding gown.


     Elysee Mermaid             Elysee Trumpet            Elysee Fit ‘n Flare             Allure Sheath