Introducing Our Newest Designer Val Stefani!

Do you like sparkle and beading as much as we do? Then you will absolutely adore our new designer Val Stefani. Our buyers selected this designer specifically for their gorgeous detailing, beading, and designs. Their feminine aesthetic was the perfect addition to our shop and the designers we already carry. Through talking to our brides and extensive research we realized there aren’t many couture designers who can create delicate and exquisite bead work and sparkle like Val Stefani. We strive to have a variety of different looks and styles, and we didn’t already have another designer like them. They are the perfect mixture of sophistication, and yet still boisterous and flirty. We are in the midst of anticipating the arrival of the collection into the shop permanently, so feel free to go to our Instagram @labelleelainesbridal to browse through some of the styles that we are getting in. Happy shopping!