Style of the Week: Clean and Modern

Every bride wants a timeless look for their wedding day. But what if that look was both timeless and modern? Designers have created more bridal gown lines with more of this clean, modern look because it is highly requested by many brides, for good reason. Two incredibly elegant fabrics that execute this clean look perfectly are Crepe and Mikado. The fabrics are simple, but not too simple in order to create more of a wow factor. Mikado tends to be slightly thicker than crepe, so depending on the bride and how you as a bride want to feel, you can go with a more structured fabric like Mikado or one that hugs closer to your curves such as Crepe. You can dress this look up with veils, headpieces, and jewelry, or you can dress it down depending on the formality of your wedding. The way that seams are executed in simple gowns, as to not make them too basic, adds so much to the chic modern look but also can be very timeless as it’s also very clean.

Gowns Pictured: Allure Bridals “9810”, Elysee “Seraphine”, Eva Lendel “Emma”, WTOO “Corbyn”