Real Brides: Kailey

When Kailey and Arthur met over ten years ago, they didn’t know what a beautiful adventure they were in for. After building a home together they figured it was time to tie the knot. The wedding was located at Finnriver Farm and Cidery near Port Townsend, Washington. They wanted a small reception with an even smaller ceremony with just their close friends and family for the best intimate setting they had dreamed about.

When thinking about the dress, Kailey wanted something romantic and whimsical, and came to La Belle Elaine’s looking for just that. When asked how she felt in the dress she said “the wedding dress made me feel confident and amazing on my wedding day. I couldn’t believe actually how special I felt wearing it. And I have to say the entire process leading up to it, the fittings, the adventures to go to Seattle, really truly made the the dress feel even more special. It’s like I already had good memories built into it before I even wore it on the big day.” “I loved also that I didn’t feel afraid of it. It wasn’t so fancy that I couldn’t relax or walk in a field and get it a little dirty. And that’s even more of a sign that it was truly the right dress for me. I didn’t realize it until it was all over but the dress process was one of my absolutely favorite parts of the whole thing. It’s something I really will cherish looking back on it.” Congratulations Kailey and Arthur!

Sarah Wettleson Photography